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Castelnuovo (Italy)

Geology, Reservoir Properties


We used advanced computer models to study the underground reservoir at our demo-site in Castelnuovo. These models help us understand how different fluids behave under varying temperature and pressure conditions. In our simulations, we looked at the reinjection of a fluid containing CO2 and a small amount of H2S.

To harness the geothermal energy at Castelnuovo, we plan to have four wells that produce hot fluids at a rate of 9 kilograms per second each. These fluids will be reinjected into two other wells at a rate of 18 kilograms per second each.

Our findings indicate that the geothermal resource at Castelnuovo can meet our production expectations, especially if we locate the wells in highly permeable areas. However, we also discovered that the performance of the reinjection wells can be affected by the interaction between different zones in the reservoir. This means we need to carefully manage the pressure when reinjecting fluids to optimize their effectiveness.

Overall, our research shows that a complete reinjection system is feasible at the Castelnuovo-Mensano project, thanks to the characteristics of the underground rocks and our careful handling of the injected fluids.

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