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Castelnuovo (Italy)

Geology, Reservoir Properties


The steady state 3D numerical model of the reservoir started was obtained using the TOUGH2 V.2.1 numerical reservoir simulator extended for handling the properties of CO2 and water in a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions by means of ECO2H EOS. A the total reinjection of a fluid with 8 % w/w NCG phase made of 98 % CO2 and 2 % H2S ha s been simulated. The exploitation of the Castelnuovo-Mensano project is planned with 4 production wells with a flow of 9 kg/s each, and two reinjection wells with a flow of 18 kg/s each


The results show this geothermal prospect is able to have the expected production if located in a high permeable zone; the reinjection wells will have a skin zone surrounding but the distance the permeable and non-permeable zone boundary of the reservoir could affect the performance of the reinjection wells due to the feedback of the reinjection pressure wave. A total reinjection system is possible in the Qualtra geothermal project due to the relatively low reactivity of the reservoir rock and by a careful handling of the NCG plume that develop at the reinjection wells. 


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