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Bochum (Germany)


The aim of the German contribution to the GECO project is to investigate the absorption behaviour of CO2 in sedimentary rock in urban environments. Fraunhofer IEG in Bochum, where the GECO demo site is located, hosts a unique laboratory and test sites equipment for fundamental and applied research. The test site represents a 10.000 m² drill site with existing research, observation and production wells and allows drill tests for advanced technology.

The Fraunhofer IEG site underground Laboratories will be implemented for the GECO project by drilling a new well and by building a FGR (Fluid-Gas Reactor) including a CMS (Corrosion Monitoring System). The experiments involving the FGR can be divided into three parts: The ex-situ experiments using the I-Bogs, the in-situ experiments using the injection and production wells, and the corrosion monitoring using the CMS. All of these experiments will take place at the drill site at the IEG.

For the GECO injection experiments the FGR device will be connected to an open hydraulic circulation loop system with 2 boreholes.

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