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Bochum (Germany)

Geology, Reservoir Properties

To represent the spatial heterogeneity of rocks in the subsurface of the demo site, a geological model was developed using Leapfrog Geothermal©. Lithological information was obtained from well logging data, cuttings and outcrops. Groundwater flow models were built using SPRING© to define pumping and tracer scenarios with a variation in the saturated permeability of the Upper Carboniferous fault system and the flow rates of the injection/production wells. An anisotropic rock mass with a uniform hydraulic conductivity of 1×10-7 m/s but varying opening width of the local faults was assumed. The results helped in well planning, the estimation of the time needed for experiments, the avoidance of possible leakages and injection quantities. 

Figure 2. Stepwise modelling concept developed for reservoir modelling and sensitivity study of the demo site.


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